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2017 Kent Invitational Tournament - Saturday November 11th - Sidcup Family Golf Centre

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As part of the KMGC's 12th Kent Open weekend, Saturday 11th November will see the KIT contested at Sidcup Family Golf centre.

The KIT will tee off early afternoon (time tbc but likely to be around 1.30pm) and will consist of 2 rounds of strokeplay on the now well established home of the Kent Open.

This years KIT will once again pay homage to the varied and wonderful history of our club and it's marvellous array of fine balls.

Players will all tee off from hole 1 on both rounds...

Round 1 will see holes 1-9 (inclusive) played with our frst ball - the 2011 golf ball (NB you can use any of the WCGC balls if you haven't got your original 2011 ball!). Holes 10-18 (inc) will be played exclusively with our now legendary white VTK ball - don't worry if you haven't got one - although it is possibly one of the greatest balls ever - as we'll make sure each group has access to at least one!).

Round 2 will follow a similar pattern - with holes 1-9 played exclusively with our newest addition, the DECADE and then the final 9 holes, 10-18, with our regular current Kent Open ball.

You can read more about the history of the Kent Open balls at

Players will need to ensure they pay the course directly with their £5 day rate on the Saturday - entry into the KIT will be an additional £2 (payable to the organiser) - all monies will be pumped back into the prize fund for the Kent Open the following day.

Let me know, either on this thread or via our Facebook page if you fancy taking part in this unique event!

The KIT Hall Of Fame:

2016 - Sean Homer
2015 - Sean Homer
2014 - Adam Kelly
2013 - Michael Smith
2012 - Sean Homer
2011 - Michael Smith
2010 - Michael Smith
2009 - Marc Chapman
2008 - Rocky Bullin
2007 - Ruth Bullin
2006 - Sean Homer

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