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2017 Club Championship - Wroxham - 23rd April

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1 2017 Club Championship - Wroxham - 23rd April on Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:35 pm


A sixth title beckons.

Drop me a PM here or on Facebook if you fancy being part of more KMGC Club history!!



And here we are again, the night before the British Club Championship as the reigning Champions ready for action.

Five times we've taken to a course and have come through all challengers to take the title.

Tomorrow we'll be looking at making it a record breaking 6th (to add to our record breaking 5th title).

The Spitfires and Hellcats are looking in fine form (even the Spitcats and the Hellfires had their moments today).

Both our teams have 6 tough tests waiting for us in the morning but we are all ready and fired up to make the club proud - win, lose or draw - and once again I have the honour of leading out our Magnificent Seven as Club Captain as we take to the greens at Wroxham - take a bow Andy, Adam, Tony, Marion, Owen and Paul - you are what make our club great and I know the rest of the KMGC will be cheering us on as we battle it out across the course of the day tomorrow.

Viva The Hellcats.... Viva The Spitfires.... Viva Team Kent.... VTK!!


A great weekend - we didn't win but there are of course more important things than winning. We've done it a few times and it's disappointing when we miss out but we were beaten on the day by the better teams (the results don't lie after all). We will be back again in 2018 at another hand picked course (!!) and as always will be gunning for the title again.

I have always loved the Club Championship and think it's probably the most rewarding event of the year (irrespective of the result). Lining up with the fellow members of our marvellous club is a genuine honour and it was fantastic to play alongside and support all of the crew as we gave it our all. There always seems to be drama of some kind at the CC's - every year there's a story to be told (believe you me I have seen many a sight over the past 10 years) - but the bottom line is that im proud of all of our players and what we have achieved since we rocked up on the scene in 2007 - be we win, lose or draw.

My overiding memory of the weekend which continued to make me smile all day today was witnessing the drama, excitement, passion and comraderie of the final hole of the Hellcats v Hastings match. The cheers and screeches of delight as the Hellcats nailed the pipe to take the match by 1 shot and pick up their cherished 3 points summed up all that is great about minigolf and the battles between the clubs at the event.

Thanks to the KMGC 7 who made the trip and to the rest of our absent teammates who were cheering us on back home... and we look forward to more epic matches against our club rivals in the years to come.

Viva the Hellcats!

Viva the Spitfires!

Viva Team Kent!

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