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26 Re: MEGABOWL VII on Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:38 pm


And so it came to pass, three in a row.

Not all that surprising but a top result from AK none the less.

A thoroughly good day out - always a pleasure to spend a day at the seafront with the massed ranks of the KMGC and friends.


27 Re: MEGABOWL VII on Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:31 am

Mr X

Yes, well done Adam on a great win, with a good showing from the master of organisation FB leading the chasing pack. Dave Donnelly's well worth a mention, excellent performance with some serious early scores. Sheila too - going in the right direction!
Another good KMGC day, I was hopeless until I started to change things around after watching Will in the first rounds but still enjoyed it, apart from the rain of course.  sunny 


28 Re: MEGABOWL VII on Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:39 pm


Having played with Adam in the morning, it gives me a good idea as to what separates Michael, Adam, Sean and the other top guys from the rest of us. The consistency of play is high and it just makes me aspire and learn from it. Thanks for your kind words, Andy. Just to think a year ago, I had only just picked up my first set of balls. Well done to Dave Donnelly, who really impressed yesterday. And thanks to everyone for making it a great day out.

29 Re: MEGABOWL VII on Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:34 am


Unfortunately due to contractual obligations (and writers burn out following the YWC's write up) I won't be producing a Megabowl report this year.

But before you get too dispondent, the good news is that there will be a MB7 report hitting the website in the next 24 hours with a new KMGC reporter making their debut online....

30 Re: MEGABOWL VII on Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:56 pm


cheers  cheers Another day... another report  cheers  cheers 

Say hello to our newest online reporter, one of the KMGC founders - none other than DT herself.



31 Re: MEGABOWL VII on Thu Aug 21, 2014 7:35 am

Mr X

A fine read. Luckily I've avoided catching any cold but after 9 years of playing in Hastings I should know by now to ignore weather forecasts!  Rolling Eyes

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