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Josh 'The President' Sweet

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1 Josh 'The President' Sweet on Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:05 am

Mr X

Mr X
Hi all,
I received this email from Josh, he asked me to pass it on to as many BMGA members as possible to hopefully get a few involved, if you want to ( I am), his email address is:

Hi there,

this is Josh 'The President' Sweet from the Kent Open (where I picked up the wooden spoon).

I am emailing you for a number of reasons, firstly, to thank you for allowing me to take your picture at the World Championships (I do intend to forward copies to you soon but have been very busy with my work!), I really appreciated your cooperation on the day.

The pictures that I took at both the Kent Open and the World Champs served not only as photographic practice for myself but also as a potential source of inspiration to take my project forward. Much of my work is centred around participation for Art's sake where I myself take part in something, (such as minigolf), with 'Art' as my primary motivation, or I ask others to particiapte in something that they would not otherwise (for example earlier this year I asked 20 people to grow broad beans and then after 6 weeks photographed them with their resultant plant (or lack thereof!)).

For the next stage of my project I have decided that I would like to ask some of the contacts I gathered at the World Champs and the Kent Open to take part in designing a complete 18-hole mini/crazy golf course. I would need 18 participants to design one hole each. I would welcome designs of any standard, size, and detail. I am not concerned with the participant's creative talent or skill but with how they respond to my proposal. Designs could be sketched on a napkin in minutes or slavishly mapped out including measurements and notations. Those that are interested in taking part would also need to be prepared for me to meet with them at a convenient date, time, and location, to collect their design and to also take their portrait once more. My final intention for the designs and portraits would be to display them either in a gallery setting or to compile the results in a book. Should I feel that this is successful I may then take this further and actually build some/all of your designs. Interested participants may request a hole (between 1 and 18), otherwise can be assigned one once I have 18 people confirmed.

You can probs see where this is going...

I am wondering if you would like to take part in my project as outlined above? It'd be really good to get recognised players/BMGA members such as yourselves on board early as I hope that this would encourage others to get involved.

I have already got in touch with Sean Homer, who has said that he will mention it at the forthcoming meeting with the BMGA Executive Committee, and also Richard Gottfried whom I have asked to pass the message on to anyone he feels maybe interested.

If you would like to participate in my project (PLEASE!) or have any questions about my work and its intentions then I would love to hear from you. You can either reply to this email or call me on 07590191928 if you'd prefer.

I look forward to your reply and really appreciate any support you could offer, it'd be such a great help if you could take part.


Joshua Sweet

Level 3, BA Photography, University of Brighton

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